Saturday, August 18, 2012

Why Nail Polish

Ok so I have had a long time obsession with nail polish. 
When I was little my mom always polished our fingers for special occasions.  I had all the Tinkerbell nail polishes.  I remember when Aunt Rory would visit.  Mom and Aunt Rory would paint our nails then draw a heart and if we stayed extra still a dot on the heart on each nail.  Little did they know they created a monster.

When I was in High School I couldn't find a Caboodle (Please tell me you remember Caboodles!) large enough for all my polishes and sparkles and other things I used to decorate my nails so I used a tool box (thanks to a suggestion from my Daddy!).  Soon after getting married, I retired the tool box, and have tried various small containers for nail polish since. 

So what may you ask has triggered this new found love of nail polish? My beautiful baby girl - Madelyn.  Since she was about a year old she has been asking me to paint her adorable fingers and toes.  She gets extra excited when Mommy and Mimi match.  We have done all kinds of stuff on our toes, from strawberries to rainbows to flags. 
Madelyn's Rainbow Fingers and toes

Mommy and Mimi's matching rainbow toes
Flag Toes